The Exuma Cays Are The Bahamas’ Crown Jewel for Yachting

The Exuma Cays are a chain of islands in the Central Bahamas, world renowned for crystal-clear waters and brilliant hues of aquamarine.  There is an island for every day of the year and nestled amongst them are thousands of beaches, coves, mangrove creeks and spectacular sandbars.  

Scattered throughout the Exumas are anchorages ideal for overnighting, going ashore or spending the day on the sea with our yachts’ many watersports activities, making the Exuma Cays one of the most desirable, entertaining and exotic environments to enjoy a world class yachting experience.

Central to the Exuma Cays is the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park. Established in 1958 as one of the world’s first land and sea parks, the area covers over 112,640 acres and is renowned its pristine breathtaking beauty.

“In 2018, The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park won the Platinum Global Ocean Refuge Award, meaning it meets the highest science-based standards for biodiversity protection and best practices for management and enforcement.” Bahamas National Trust.

There are half a dozen mooring sites at the premier locations withing the Park including the spectacular Shroud and Hawksbill Cays which are fully protected nature reserves and the pinnacle of conservation and natural beauty.

The hub of the Exuma Cays is Staniel Cay which is located half way between the most northern cays and Great Exuma. The island has a settlement, runway, marina, fuel and popular experiences in the immediate vicinity like Thunderball Grotto, made famous by the James Bond underwater speargun scene in the film Thunderball, and how can we not mention the most famous residents, the Swimming Pigs.   Many of the Exuma Cays are privately owned, yes you can own an island here, and many are owned by celebrity and business ‘who’s-who’ of the world, we won’t name them here because we value discretion as a part of our first-class service.

At the south-eastern end of the Exuma Cays is the main island of Great Exuma which also has an international airport with flights from North America. Elizabeth Harbour is a popular anchorage with spectacular blue water and highlights a little more hustle and bustle of a main island settlement with restaurants, small hotels, groceries and other activities. If you want to be in the Exumas from the start of your charter, fly in to Georgetown and embark on your adventure with the cays in the immediate backyard.

The beautiful turquoise-blue water of The Exuma Cays are a boaters dream. Combine this with the first-class fleet of Bahamas Super Yachts and we can offer you one of the world’s most outstanding charter experiences. Whether you are seeking relaxation, romance, adventure or just a lifestyle rejuvenation, these islands are the perfect place to connect with your passions and fall in love with life on the sea.

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